I spent a week at Coalport accessioning a bequest that the museum had received in 2010. An accession number had already been given to the whole bequest but each item had yet to be catalogued and numbered. My first job was to unpack everything and check them against the original list of the bequest. There were 83 pieces in total.


I sorted the items into groups and allocated each an individual number. I then worked through the bequest making sure everything was labelled with a unique number then filling in a form with general information, description, condition report and measurements.


The records will eventually be put onto the computer catalogue so that everybody at Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust has access to the records.

There are some really interesting pieces in the bequest including items that are unfinished or unusually decorated. There were a lot of items decorated with ‘Indian Tree’ and a few of these were unusual shapes including a triangular dish and a cup and saucer in the shape of a clover.


There were even a few pieces that turned out not to be Coalport but were made instead by Charles Ford of Hanley, Staffordshire. They are decorated with the ‘Belfort’ pattern which is a typical Coalport pattern.


The final items in the bequest were pieces of modern Coalport.